Why use the Discover App?

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What is the Discover App?

The Discover App is a powerful tool for encouraging obedient discipleship which is easy to use and easy to share.

What are Discovery Bible Studies?

In thirty studies, the group is taken from Creation, through to Christ. Participants are encouraged to read or listen to the story and re-tell it in their own words. Once they are happy with the story, four simple questions allow them to unpack the story, commit to obeying what it tells them and share it with their friends and family.

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Why is it so powerful?

The app is powerful because it allows ordinary people to engage with scripture, become an obedient disciple and share their faith others. The questions are simple and memorable, which means that anyone can lead a Discovery Bible Study with anybody, anywhere. Why not get the app on your phone today?

What people are saying

We have seen more progress in terms of genuine discipleship in a few weeks running discovery studies, than we have in years of church services and sermons...

Thanks for doing this. The format is useful, easily shared and reproducible. It is not burdened by explanatory content in addition to the text. It has a lot of potential as a great next step for those who are reading the text and have begun to believe its message. It beats sitting with a guy in a public place and pulling out the Bible, notebooks, and pens.

The [local] believers don’t really know how to reach others, so we have been using the Discover App to show them how to run discovery groups...

I recently met a [local] Pastor, so I passed the App on to him. He was overjoyed to have resources in his own dialect and has already gone on to share the studies with a group of over fifty others...

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