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Discover the Bible on Android

Discover App v0.20.00

The current version of the Discover App offers Discovery Bible Studies with text and audio in 23 languages

Full version history

DateVersionRelease Details
Mar 2023v0.21.00
  • Added Spanish (one study sets)
  • Moved downloads into list studies screen for clearer user experience
Feb 2023v0.20.00
  • Added Hindi (three study sets)
  • Fixed issue which prevented Dari studies from loading
Nov 2022v0.19.00
  • Added Malaysian (three study sets)
  • Added four new study sets in Arabic
Sep 2022v0.18.00
  • Added Amharic (four study sets)
Jul 2022v0.17.00
  • Added Kurdish Sorani (four study sets)
  • Fixed minor issue with text resizing
May 2022v0.16.01
  • Fixed a bug which meant that language chnage was not happening for new downloads
May 2022v0.16.00
  • Added German (four study sets)
Mar 2022v0.15.00
  • Added Russian (four study sets)
Mar 2022v0.14.01
  • Translation tweaks for Ukrainian
Mar 2022v0.14.00
  • Added Ukrainian (Stories of Hope)
Jan 2022v0.13.00
  • Adds French (three study series)
  • Adds Farsi (three study series)
Nov 2021v0.12.03
  • Added two new story sets in English
  • Fix an issue which meant that the English Audio was not playable
  • Fix an issue which meant that studies could not be saved on most recent version of Android
  • Fix an issue which meant that studies could not be shared via bluetooth on most recent version of Android
Aug 2020v0.12.01
  • Fix an issue which meant that the language list was not scrollable
Aug 2020v0.12.00
  • Added Swahili
  • Fixed issue preventing Bluetooth sharing of the APK for some devices
Apr 2020v0.11.01
  • Adds two additional studu series in Urdu and Devanagari
Apr 2020v0.11.00
  • Adds studies in Urdu and Devanagari
Mar 2020v0.10.03
  • Adds two new study sets in English
Jan 2020v0.10.02
  • Adds one new study set in English
  • Fixes an error that was preventing contact form working on some devices
Oct 2019v0.10.01
  • Prevent screen from dimming whilst audio is playing
Sep 2019v0.10.00
  • Added Turkish
Feb 2019v0.9.03
  • Added series 2 & 3 for Pashto
  • Fixed bug that was preventing sharing studies by Bluetooth for some devices
  • Improved download studies and bluetooth sharing for multiple series
  • Fixed a couple of errors in Dari series 2
  • Changed Contact Us mechanism for Arabic
Nov 2018v0.9.02
  • Added translation strings for Dari Series 2 & 3
  • Fixed potential crash bug when starting app if series or study does not exist
Sep 2018v0.9.01
  • Fix bug that was showing all app resources in English regardless of selected language for Android 8 and above
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing audio and text files loading in Android 9
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues affecting Android 9
Jul 2018v0.9.00
  • Added two additional Discovery Bible Study series for Somali
  • Added two additional study series for English
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs loading audio when changing series
Jun 2018v0.8.01
  • Minor translation changes for Pashto
May 2018v0.8.00
  • Studies are now available in Pashto
  • Fix minor display issue on some devices
Mar 2018v0.7.01
  • Fix issue which was preventing English text and audio for older devices (including Amazon Kindle Fire)
  • Fix occasional crash bug on some devices
  • Minor translation changes for Indonesian
Mar 2018v0.7.00
  • Added three new study series in Indonesian Bahasa
Nov 2017v0.6.01
  • Updated to use latest version of the ESV API
Oct 2017v0.6.00
  • Discovery Bible Studies are now available in Moroccan Arabic
Apr 2017v0.5.00
  • Studies are now available in Dari
Jan 2017v0.4.03
  • Added Somali contact us form
  • Added social media share
Jan 2017v0.4.02
  • Added flag-based language selection
  • Fixed a couple of crash bugs affecting older devices
Sep 2016v0.4.01
  • Fixed issue that could have caused crashes on the preferences screen for older phones
Sep 2016v0.4.00
  • Added a new 28 study Fusha Arabic series using the Sharif translation (for Android 2.3.3 and above) in association with
  • Added a Contact Us screen for the English Studies
  • Improved the Preferences screen (Language and color changes now happen immediately)
  • Improved support for Arabic characters for devices prior to Android 3.0
Apr 2016v0.3.00
  • Discovery Bible Studies are now available in Somali
  • Fixed a number of permissions issues for Android 6.0 and above
Feb 2016v0.2.01
  • Fixed a crash bug affecting some devices
Feb 2016v0.2.00
  • Added the ability to share the app and the studies via Bluetooth
  • Full RTL support for Arabic on Android 4.2 and above
  • Updated the design to Google design standards
  • Added passage references for English studies
  • Allowed the selection of language from the Welcome screen
Apr 2015v0.1.03
  • Fixed formatting issues for the How To screen
  • Added support for Kindle devices
Apr 2015v0.1.01
  • Added How To section for the Arabic
Apr 2015v0.1.00
  • Initial release in English and Arabic (using Ketab El Hayat translation)
  • Support for Android 2.2 and above

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