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Discover the Bible on iOS

DateVersionRelease Details
Oct 2019v5.00
  • Added Turkish language with three study series
  • Added a Turkish video tutorial showing how to run sessions
  • Fixed various issues with sharing and installing studies via airdrop
Feb 2019v4.01
  • Adds series 2 & 3 for Dari and Pashto
  • Changed Contact Us mechanism for Arabic
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the Contact Us screen
Sep 2018v4.00
  • Discovery Bible Studies are now available in Indonesian
  • Adds multi-series ability for Indonesian, Somali and English
  • Fixes a few minor issues with the downloads screen
May 2018v3.00
  • Studies are now available in Pashto
Oct 2017v2.00
  • Studies are now available in Moroccan Arabic
  • Studies are now available in Dari
  • Updated to use the same icon as the Android version
  • Added contact us form
Sep 2016v1.00
  • Initial iPhone release
  • Studies in English
  • Studies in Yemeni Arabic
  • Studies in Fusha Arabic
  • Studies in Somali

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