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Discover the Bible on Android

May 2018v0.8.00
  • Studies are now available in Pashto
  • Fix minor display issue on some devices
  • Mar 2018v0.7.01
    • Fix issue which was preventing English text and audio for older devices (including Amazon Kindle Fire)
    • Fix occasional crash bug on some devices
    • Minor translation changes for Indonesian
    Mar 2018v0.7.00
    • Added three new study series in Indonesian Bahasa
    Nov 2017v0.6.01
    • Updated to use latest version of the ESV API
    Oct 2017v0.6.00
    • Studies are now available in Moroccan Arabic
    Apr 2017v0.5.00
    • Studies are now available in Dari
    Jan 2017v0.4.03
    • Added Somali contact us form
    • Added social media share
    Jan 2017v0.4.02
    • Added flag-based language selection
    • Fixed a couple of crash bugs affecting older devices
    Sep 2016v0.4.01
    • Fixed issue that could have caused crashes on the preferences screen for older phones
    Sep 2016v0.4.00
    • Added a new 28 study Fusha Arabic series using the Sharif translation (for Android 2.3.3 and above) in association with
    • Added a Contact Us screen for the English Studies
    • Improved the Preferences screen (Language and color changes now happen immediately)
    • Improved support for Arabic characters for devices prior to Android 3.0
    Apr 2016v0.3.00
    • Studies are now available in Somali
    • Fixed a number of permissions issues for Android 6.0 and above
    Feb 2016v0.2.01
    • Fixed a crash bug affecting some devices
    Feb 2016v0.2.00
    • Added the ability to share the app and the studies via Bluetooth
    • Full RTL support for Arabic on Android 4.2 and above
    • Updated the design to Google design standards
    • Added passage references for English studies
    • Allowed the selection of language from the Welcome screen
    Apr 2015v0.1.03
    • Fixed formatting issues for the How To screen
    • Added support for Kindle devices
    Apr 2015v0.1.01
    • Added How To section for the Arabic
    Apr 2015v0.1.00
    • Initial release in English and Arabic (using Ketab El Hayat translation)
    • Support for Android 2.2 and above

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